Choosing the Right Clothing and Accessories

Of course, it is entirely up to you what you choose to wear and how you groom prior to your portrait photography session. However, you may like to have in mind the following when considering what to wear.

Think about what to wear both as an individual and as a group. It is important to choose clothing that captures both the age and personality of an individual, and at the same time harmonises with the rest of the group (as in the case of a family). Make sure you try on any selected clothing the day before the session.

Avoid clothing with busy patterns as this can be distracting. Whereas using solid colours or simple patterns have more appeal and help draw attention to the person rather than the clothing. Plain tops with blue denim jeans or kakhi coloured pants do not seem to date. The “black on black” look, for example black t-shirts against our black background, is also quite a good look as it really highlights the person’s face and expressions. By all means bring a change of clothes if you wish to, so that you have other options available on the day.

For a timeless look the use of medium to dark shades are recommended. Keep in mind too, that darker colours are slenderizing. Soft shades are better used with lighter backgrounds. Although background colour may vary, we mainly use white in our portrait sessions as this results in a clean crisp portrait highlighting the individual, rather than a background that distracts the viewer’s attention.

It is not a good idea to wear clothing with words, logos or pictures on them, unless the entire family is doing a themed picture (i.e. sports team logo/gear.)

Feel free to wear your prescription glasses. We think that they a part of you and we try to minimize any glare from them anyway. If wearing accessories we suggest they are small as these better compliment your face, whereas wearing large or “loud” accessories is distracting.

Since your shoes may show in some poses, please ensure that they compliment everything else. And make sure your shoes are clean. If you opt for bare feet, (and this can be quite good if everyone is the same) be sure they are clean too.

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