You may be interested to know that the MinzEye name has several different meanings. It is pronounced either ‘my nz eye’ (which highlights our New Zealand roots), or ‘minds eye’ (as in eye of the mind) which is linked to the “capturing the imagination” company message.

Our logo, with the initials “ME” surrounded by a depiction of a camera lens, highlights that the client is the focus of our attention. We acknowledge that this might make some self-conscious. (See our Resources section for help to prepare for a photo session).

Certainly one of our goals is to make our clients comfortable and relaxed while being photographed (since we think this produces better photographs), and at the same time our aim is to produce images that capture the unique characteristics and personality of each client.

However, we feel that the sooner the customer accepts that the photo shoot is about them and not the photographer, the better things will go. So we think that when you affirm "hey, this is all for me so I am going to relax and have fun with it" then the photo shoot will be a happy memory and the images captured will record that positive emotion experienced.

Those that choose MinzEye Photography can be confident that they will receive the highest quality product and service, as well as an enjoyable experience that will exceed expectations.

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