Although qualified and proficient in most fields of professional photography such as advertising, commercial, sports and weddings or special events (to name a few), our specialist focus is on family portraits – including pet photography (after all, they are part of the family too).

Obviously the goal of any business is to get paying customers. However, our focus is not just on attracting customers, but on building a good reputation that will ensure our customers return in the future and also offer recommendations to others. It is important to us to build lasting relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing a level of quality, professionalism and personal service that will exceed your expectations.

Our focus is to capture images that express the personality of the individual or group within any given scene or moment. At MinzEye Photography we strongly believe that the simple approach is best. We acknowledge that for many, being the centre of attention (as is the case with portrait photography) can feel rather strange, awkward, and even uncomfortable. The photographer must endeavour to be unobtrusive and yet at the same time provide guidance and advice that will instil confidence in each client and ensure good results. We take particular care to ensure that our photography sessions are as stress-free as possible.

Photographs that appeal the most are often those that convey the mood and emotion of the moment. For this to happen, the setting (and those within it) must be as “natural” as possible. We are determined to not just provide our clients with photography, but an entire experience. We spend the time necessary to make our clients feel relaxed and special, and do it in an environment that is comfortable – our home, your home, or a relaxed studio. One of the advantages of this approach is that the people being photographed look better, and therefore produce better photographs, because they are more relaxed and having fun!

Our uncomplicated approach has a track record of producing superb results that ensure not only repeat business but also client referrals.

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