What is behind the name MinzEye?

The MinzEye name has several different meanings. It is pronounced either ‘my nz eye’ or ‘minds eye’ (as in eye of the mind) the later being linked to the “capturing the imagination” company message.

Our logo, with the initials “ME” surrounded by a depiction of a camera lens, highlights that the client is the object of our attention through the camera lens and certainly one of our goals is to make our clients comfortable and relaxed while being photographed.

How long have you been a photographer?

With my parents both being photographers, photography has always been of interest to me. My first effort at taking pictures was when I was at school. However, it was about 8 years ago that I started making photography my focus and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey!

Are the photographs shown on your website all you have taken?

No - not even close! In my career I have taken thousands of photographs. Not every photograph can be uploaded for viewing. Some clients also prefer that their images are not displayed on our website and we respect their privacy. Also, this is a fairly new website and you can expect to see more images in due course.

MinzEye Photography for People and Pet Portraits, Wedding Photographs, Photographic Art, and much more

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