Photography Trends are Constantly Changing

Digital cameras (even mobile phones) have replaced conventional cameras and it is obvious that photography today has gone digital. The uses of photography have expanded as well because of Web pages on the Internet and email. Individuals as well as many businesses have acknowledged the value of quality portrait photography for the benefit of friends and customers.

Families have photographs taken to capture and preserve memories. Most photographs are taken by people with their own cameras, which has become easier with the new digital cameras on the market. However, most of these photographs are low quality and rarely are they framed and put on display.

The need to capture memories lasts for people's entire lives, and those that do recognise the value of portraits quite often don’t update these on a regular basis. That means that old portraits of families (even though they are an important record of family history) continue to be displayed instead of more current portraits. Unfortunately, for couples and business people in particular, this gives the appearance that they are trying to preserve their youth instead of embracing their maturity and experience, and doesn't always show them in the best light.

Why are people so apprehensive about getting their photo taken?

Some reasons are discussed in the next section.

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