Relax, smile, be yourself and have fun!

Depending on where you have decided to have your photo shoot, be prepared for any weather. That doesn’t mean that we will have a photo shoot in the rain (unless that is what you specifically want). But you still need to get from your vehicle to the location. That being the case having an umbrella or coat and perhaps an additional “dirty” pair of shoes, for example, may be a good idea.

Something that is helpful before posing in front of a camera is doing so in front of a mirror. It might sound funny, but practicing your smile in a mirror makes a big difference too. When you do these things you get to see for yourself what you like and don’t like to see. In turn, you will be more conscious of what to do in front of the camera and have more confidence to do it. Of course, using the mirror to make any last moment adjustments to your hair, shirt collar or makeup is also helpful.

Remember that we will look after you by (among other things) addressing any concerns you may have along the way, offering helpful and practical suggestions, and ensuring that you look your best for the photographs.

All you really need to do is: Relax, smile, be yourself and have fun!

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