Preparing Our Furry Litle Friends

Your pet is a special part of your family too, so efforts should be taken to ensure they look their best at the photography session too, especially for those close-ups. You might like to review some of the following reminders as you prepare your pet.

A day or so before (or as close as possible to) the photo shoot, give your pet a bath. To enhance the pet’s coat it is good to use a pet safe shampoo. Some include formulas especially for certain types of fur (e.g. black, white, and red) and others are designed for dandruff prevention or adding extra shine. There are even special products that can reduce the tear stains by their eyes, if your pet has them.

After they are clean give them a thorough brush to remove as much of the loose hair as possible. This is especially important if they are part of a “family” portrait photograph as unwanted animal hair can be distracting. Remove knots and tangles in the fur too as these patches may show in the photographs.

You may wish to consider taking him to a grooming salon to have him groomed. Not only can this save you a lot of time and effort, but they may also be able to style the fur in a traditional breed specific cut if you want them to. A trim can help make his eyes, physique, tail and paws more visible.

Sometimes dressing your pet up a bit can look great in the photographs. For example, if your pet has very long fur on their head, consider tying it up with a cute bow. If your pet’s collar is looking worn, cracked and discoloured, that could be distracting in the photograph, so consider replacing it and perhaps even adding some jewellery to the collar. Tying a bandana around your pet's neck can look pretty cool too. During the colder months you could give some thought to pet clothing, such as dog or cat sweaters or t-shirts. Other accessories for pets like sun-visors, glasses and goggles can also add a fun element to the images.

Whatever it is that you plan to do for your pet photography session, make sure you get them comfortable with it at home first. Getting them used to wearing sun glasses, for example, saves a lot of time and effort on the day. One of the keys is to ensure that things are kept natural and have fun!

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