Preparing for a Portrait Session

During a photo shoot the person should be relaxed and having fun, as this produces the best results. There are some things to think about prior to the day and preparation, along with knowing what to expect, will help you to relax.

For example, you will need to give some thought to the day and time selected. Consider your family’s schedule and habits to determine the best time for the appointment and to ensure that all are going to be relaxed and rested for the day. We will discuss with you some things to consider prior to making an appointment.

There may also be items that have special significance to the individual or family and you may wish to consider bringing these personal items along, not only to add meaning or highlight the occasion, but to make you feel comfortable. A child with their favourite teddy bear is a lot more relaxed than without it.

What else can help you prepare?

Please consider the simple and yet effective suggestions on the follow pages.

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