Things That Might Help

First, since the photographs are usually for your family and close friends it is generally only those that love you that get to see them. These people don’t judge you by appearances they love you for who you are. And since they see you on a regular basis anyhow, they likely get to see you during your “no so good looking” moments, perhaps when you’ve just woken up and you are a mess. So, perhaps a nice photograph of you for them to look at is not such a bad thing after all!

Secondly, a portrait photograph (especially one of a family), is a record of history. You might be thinking; “Great, thanks for reminding me it’s permanent! How is that supposed to make me feel less apprehensive?” Well, wouldn’t it be a real shame if there was only a very limited – or worse yet there was no – record of you or your family? Having professional portrait photographs taken, and regularly updating them, ensures a high quality record that can be enjoyed by future generations. (See also Photographer Blog entry of 23 September 2009)

And that brings us to another thing that may help lessen the apprehension about being photographed. At a professional photography session you are having a photograph taken when you are prepared and looking your best. The photographs are being taken by a professional with many years of experience in setting up the best lighting conditions possible on the day, and who uses the very best equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality photographs are taken. And hey, if it makes you feel any better, we are very skilled at using Photoshop as well (although we do discourage its overuse).

So, it might help to remember: (1) People who see your photographs are usually those that love you and know you well. (2) Having a record of you and your family is positive and benefits many generations. And (3) a professional portrait captures an image of you looking your best under the best conditions.

For information to help you prepare for a photo shoot please take a look at some suggestions in the next section. I'm sure you will find them useful.

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