The fact is that not everyone likes the same things. The good thing about life though is that we are given a seemingly endless variety of things to choose from (although sometimes that has its drawbacks). Whether it is enjoying a type of food, a beautiful butterfly, a beach, an activity that interests us, or anything else, usually we have more than one type to select from.

So too when it comes to photography, one photographer's style may be more appealing than another - after all, we are all different and have a variety of preferences, that is what makes life interesting.

However, just as with nature, each one has a different skill set and focus (pardon the pun) and some are more proficient in certain areas than others. That being the case, it is important to choose the right people for the right job. Yet choosing the right people (often someone you have never met before) can sometimes be quite a difficult and confusing decision, and it can even seem overwhelming at times.

So why choose us?

We devote a significant amount of our time and energy to ensuring the highest possible standard is maintained in our photography. We are constantly improving our products and services to stay "fresh" and innovative in the marketplace. (Please see the About Us section for more information on our approach).

Although we are qualified to do many different photographic assignments, and are in fact involved in various areas, we place a priority on our portrait work. Making people and pet photography our specialty gives us an advantage in this area. (Of course, it has the added advantage of improving our people photography in general, thus benefiting other disciplines such as wedding photography).

We hope that the content on this website will help you to make us your first choice and we are confident that you will not regret that decision. So much so that we offer Our Guarantee of a full refund of your portrait fee if you are not completely satisfied.

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