One of the advantages of working with digital photography is that we have the ability to manipulate images to create a far superior result. As a matter of course we remove any debris or otherwise distracting objects from our images. And these services are carried out at no cost to you, our client.

Additional retouching work, such as adjusting facial or body features, adding or removing objects or other more extensive work done at your request are available at an additional charge.

However, we think that when it comes to portraiture, just because we can change things with computer software does not mean we should change things. In fact, as tempting as it may be to make you look younger in the photographs, we recommend that you keep things as natural and as realistic as possible. Remember, the portrait photograph is a record of a moment in history and should be representative of that time.

In saying that, we can assure you that with good techniques our goal is to ensure that our clients are photographed in the best possible light.



For any additional requested retouching a minimum of 15 minutes per job will be charged at the standard rate of NZ$2.50/minute.

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