A weakness of many traditional photographers is that they rely on luring people in with low-cost sessions and then selling them high-priced reprints. This model can work (does work) but has complications. One is misplaced value.

We believe that if you charge a low amount for a session or a “creative fee,” what you are saying to the client is that your services, all of your creative skills and your investment in equipment, is only worth a small amount of money. If you try to make up for any shortfall by selling the client over-priced prints they will resent it because they are intelligent enough to know what prints cost. We think that this is unproductive at best and is bad for repeat business and for referrals.

Therefore, we aim to attract people to our business by providing value and “up front” pricing. That way the clients know what they are getting and how much it will cost before we start. We will not shy away from the fact that our services are highly valuable and worth what we charge. We will take the time to do it right. And we will add a lot of nice “little touches” that add up to a superior experience and result for the client.

Our session packages will include a selection of prints, with any additional prints or enlargements being charged for at only a minimal cost to the client. This means that our business does not require a nice profit from prints and we do not have to “hard sell” it that way. Instead a reasonable charge will result with the important benefit of the client being satisfied they are getting value for money.

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