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Camera Shy?

September 30th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Ok, this posting is for those a little bit apprehensive about getting their picture taken.  Actually, it is quite a common feeling, so what can help us to “front up” when a camera is pointed at us?

Well, I want you to think about this for a moment.  We all have someone we know that doesn’t like their photograph taken.  I can think of a few in our family, my Nana (who has now passed away) was one. Sadly, there are very few photographs of her in our albums.  This less than perfect photo is an example.

Old suprised photograph of Nana
Old “surprised” photograph of Nana

Often when photographing these ones we always end up with a blurred shot of their hand, elbow or the back of their head as they duck for cover to avoid the camera.  If you are clever enough to sneak a shot of them without them noticing they usually have a mouthful of food, are picking something out of their teeth, or are in some other unflattering pose.  Hardly the image they would want recorded as a memory of themselves and not likely to be one you make poster size, frame and put on your wall either!  (Unless you are just plain mean that is!)

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place in the album for those “unexpected” shots, even the not so good ones of “little Johnny” with his finger up his nose – in fact, we shouldn’t be without them.  However, there is also an important (if not vital) place for those photographs of when we look our best too.  And that is why it is important to have a professional portrait photograph taken – and updated regularly.  Here is another (much older) photograph of Nana with Granddad, my Mum and her sister.

Old family portrait photograph (not perfect, but you get the idea)
Old family portrait photograph

Here are three things to keep in mind if you are a little camera shy.

(1) People who see your photographs are usually those that love you and know you well. (2) Having a record of you and your family is positive and benefits many generations. (3) A professional portrait captures an image of you looking your best under the best conditions.

In the Resources section of our website you will find the “What Can Help?” page that provides more information that you might find useful.

Well, I’ll catch you in the next posting.

Kind regards


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