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Scenery to Stimulate the Senses

January 27th, 2010 No comments


One of the things I love about our earth is that you never get bored with the scenery. There is such an enormous variety of things to stimulate our senses.

Even though each season has it’s own unique elements, there is still an endless variation of characteristics. Take Spring for example.  What do you think of when you hear that word?  No doubt things like daffodil flowers, newborn lambs and fresh green fields of grass come to mind.

Spring 2009


For a closer look at the selection of images above, simply follow this link . . . click here . . . And please feel free to visit my personal website ( for more of my photographs.

And remember, if you are ever feeling bored, take a look out your window at our planet’s extraordinary scenery. Better yet, get out there and explore it.

Try something new. Find a place you have never visited before. Talk to a person you have never spoken to before. Taste something you haven’t eaten before . . . I think you get the idea. 😉

Have a great day!


How Big is Really Impressive?

January 20th, 2010 No comments


Many of my photographs are taken with my Canon 5D mark II and a 400mm lens. It takes full format pictures with 21.4 megapixel images. I thought that was impressive. Impressive that is until I came across a website that shows an image captured by the same camera and lens. What makes it impressive?

The picture has a resolution of 297,500 x 87,500 pixel – that’s a 26 gigapixel image!! How the hang did they get an image that big?? According to the Tech Specs on the website, here is how they did it . . . “It consists of 1,665 full format pictures with 21.4 megapixel, which was recorded by a photo-robot in 172 minutes. The converting of 102 GB raw data by a computer with a main memory cache of 48 GB and 16 processors took 94 hours.”

Apparently, as of December 2009, the picture is the largest in the world. Now that is really impressive!!

You might like to check it out by using the following link:

Have fun, and until next time, take care.

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