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Painting With Light

May 26th, 2010 No comments

Hi there

In my blog a few months ago I talked about the enormous variety of things on our planet to stimulate our senses (see Scenery to Stimulate the Senses).

Another aspect of this variety is how subtle the changes can be. Take a sunrise or a sunset for example.  The different layers of colour stretched across the sky changing every second and no two sunsets (or sunrises) are ever the same – truly an amazing thing to see. But sometimes the colours within a captured moment, even though months (in some cases even years) apart can be very similar.

To illustrate what I mean, take a look at the two images below.  The first image is of a sunrise taken back in April 2009.

Sunrise at Tauroa Point, Northland, New Zealand


The next image is of a sunset taken just this month.

Sunset over Auckland City, New Zealand


Notice that even though the shapes within each individual setting are quite unique, the colour toning and hue is very similar. I guess it makes sense since it is “painted” by the same artist. It reminds me of the saying:

“God doesn’t have to put his name on a label in the corner of a meadow because nobody else makes meadows.” – Cecil Laird

For some more photographs of nature please feel free to visit the Nature & Landscape area of my personal website.

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How Big Can it Get?

May 19th, 2010 No comments

Hi everyone

Back in January I posted a link to a website showing an impressive 26 gigapixel image. (See Blog Post “How Big is Really Impressive?“)

However, I recently came across an even bigger image! This picture is made up of 4,250 individual photographs (which by the way involved a shooting time of about 3 1/2 hours) and was taken with a Canon 7D camera and a 400mm lens. Indecently, all the photographs fitted on a single 32GB CF card, taking up 27.5GB.

How big is this image? It is a total of 45 gigapixels!

If you are wondering why the image is a bit hazy you might like to know that, according to the cameraman . . . “Air quality is not at its best at this time of year in Dubai.” Oh and apparently it was 37degC in the shade at the time! According to him “the camera and lens were almost too hot to touch at the end of the shoot.”

Here is a link to the image:

Photo Taken: 23 April 2010
Location: Ubora Towers in Business Bay, Dubai

You gotta ask . . . How big can it get??

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Storm Surfers – Pedra Branca

May 5th, 2010 2 comments

Hi everyone

Okay. Now for something different.

Most of you know that one of my favorite things to do is to surf. Well, for those that share my love of surfing I thought you might like to know about a new documentary called Storm Surfers – The hunt for the biggest waves in the Southern Ocean. It is supposed to be showing on the Discovery Channel here later in the year.

There was a news item on Australia’s 60 Minute program that interviewed the surfers (two-time world champion Tom Carroll and big wave tow-in pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones) and followed them on their trip to Pedra Branca. “Pedra who??” I hear you say. Actually the question is “Pedra where?’ And you are forgiven for not knowing where it is, even if you are a surfer. It is some remote inhospitable place South of Tasmania that no one would ever want to visit – unless you are crazy like Tom and Ross that is!! But hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out the video clip and decide for yourself.

The 60 Minutes Report


So what do you think after watching that? Wanna go? Teahupoo eat your heart out! 😉

Until next time, take care.