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The Sky is the Limit

February 24th, 2010 3 comments

Hi there

A few weeks back my family and I were in Tauranga and had the opportunity to enjoy the airshow that was on. And WOW!! There was some truly amazing flying that week.

I have uploaded just a handful of photographs of the first day to my personal website (  Click here to go straight to the Events page.

Tauranga Airshow – Day One

Tauranga Airshow

I was with my family on the first day and so didn’t take that many “public” photos. However, the second day I went alone and took many more that may be of interest to you. So be sure to come back again later as I will be uploading photographs taken on the second shortly.

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback on the photographs, and any suggestions or comments you may have on the website. Thanks.

All the best


Capturing a “Footprint” in Time

February 3rd, 2010 No comments

Hello everyone

Many would no doubt agree that becoming a parent is one of the most amazing experiences to enjoy.

The first few months and years after the birth of a child are perhaps the most precious of all. True, there are many challenges, and these of course continue as your child grows. However, the absolute joy and deep love that exists between a newborn and the parent, forms a connection or bond that is not easily broken.

Okay, mostly the bond is with the Mum at first, because hey let’s face it (sorry Dad’s), during that early phase the kid is only interested in one thing right? Right! 😉

When we look at this tiny little bundle though, with their cute little feet and hands, button nose and wide open eyes, we are in awe of how amazingly beautiful they are! As a parent, can anything impress you more?


Of course, their little feet don’t stay little for long. In an effort to preserve in time a memento of their child, some parents take “prints” or even “casts” of their child’s hands or feet.

In fact I recently came across a new online business in Japan where you can upload a print of your child’s hand or foot and they produce a professional stamp. You can click on the image below for more information on Otete & Anyo (which by the way is the Japanese nickname for “Hand & Foot”).

Otete & Anyo

Of course, as you will find, it is reasonably expensive – but hey, what a cool idea! And if you can’t afford it, you can of course go back to the simple “print” or “cast” method.

Or better still, come see us! We would be happy to instead preserve a memory of your child – or even your entire family – with full colour professional photography.

No matter what method we may choose to capture that moment, or “footprint” in time, the important thing for us as parents is that we are their personally to enjoy the special times in the life our family.

So let’s make the time!


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